Three Things We Lean From Boity’s Free ‘Consultations’ On Twitter

Boity Thulo who is also a trained sangoma decided to share her understanding of spirituality and meditation with fans on social media.

On Wednesday night, the television presenter took to Twitter to spark up a dialogue around “meditation” and how it allows one to “access” another realm.

“It’s about time we have conversations about more than just this world. The spiritual realm has so much more to offer. We all have access to it. We just need to learn how to access it,” she wrote.

Boity’s Twitter followers instantly inundated her page with a string of questions of about spirits, the meaning of dreams and sleep patterns.

The TV personality who revealed in 2016 that she trained as a sangoma but would not practice, gave fans advice on getting more in touch with their spiritually.

Here are a three lessons that the consultation session taught:

1. Boity’s definition of spirituality.

2. Boity’s understanding of time, sleeping and meditation.

3. The ‘language of God’.

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