Father Allegedly Kill His Son Cause He His Addicted…. Says Many families Are In Drug Hell

The drug crisis gripping Cape Flats continues to haunt a Cape Town father charged with the murder of his 28-year-old addict son.

Sedick Abrahams‚ 62‚ appeared in Mitchells Plain Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday. The prosecution asked for a postponement for police to complete their investigation.

The court heart that witness statements‚ crime-scene photographs and the post-mortem report were still outstanding. The frail father was not asked to plead and was released on a warning. No conditions were attached to his release.

The court gallery was filled with neighbours who came to support him. Outside court‚ Abrahams said the events of January 31 still troubled him.

He admitted stabbing his son in the chest during an altercation over a plate of food in their Tafelsig home.

“It’s not easy‚” said Abrahams. “I am asthmatic‚ I am shaky. There are people who support me‚ the neighbours are praying for me‚ but I still have to face the reality.”

He said he rued the day his son‚ Clinton‚ started using drugs at the age of 13. Abrahams said Clinton had turned into a monster by the time he dropped out of school in Grade 7.

He stole almost everything from the family to feed his habit – from used soap‚ coffee mugs and kettles to meat from the fridge. But Abrahams said his problem was not unique.

“The drug problem is huge in Mitchells Plain. I am not only one‚ there are many people with children who use drugs and they are going through the same problem‚” said Abrahams. “People know the people who sell drugs to our children‚ they need to stand together.”

Abrahams told the Sunday Times in March that on January 31‚ Clinton woke up and demanded food. He became violent and Abrahams‚ who had not recovered from being attacked with a glass by his son‚ feared he would be assaulted again.

“He came at me wildly. I was really scared and I am not ashamed to say I was afraid of my own child. I was scared. At that moment I don’t know what went through my head. I wasn’t in my right mind. There was a kitchen knife on the table‚” said Abrahams.

“The food was there. I told him. It was my food but I said he could have it. I gave him food because I wanted to prevent problems in the house. I was so scared. He said he was going to hurt me.”

Abrahams will be back in court on May 29.

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