International BEEF: SA Rapper’s Share Their Thoughts On Pusha-T 40 line Diss Tracks To Drake

It seems a bit obvious to some that Pusha T going after Drake on his latest album callled Daytona on “Infrared” was nothing more than a strategy to get people talking about the rappers album and it seems to have worked.

Ever since the album dropped, the beef between Drake and Pusha-T has been on everyone’s lips. Even some of our local rappers like Cassper, Reason and Rouge shared their thoughts on the beef and how it might go. Whilst some think that Pusha-T is currently in the lead, some do’t agree with this notion as they see Drake as too big to go up against.

“Do you actually think Pusha is gonna get any favor? Drake’s song is gonna play on radio everywhere . Once the corporates see Pusha pressing him they are gonna pull out all the stops to save their cash cow. Drake is too big of a star, you can’t win. That’s Apple Music money,” tweeted Cassper sharing his 2 cents on the matter.

Check out some of your favorite rappers thoughts on the beef between Drake and Pusha-T below:

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