‘I Don’t Have A Million Dollars,’ Says Riky Rick

Riky Rick is undeniably one of the most influetial people to come out of SA Hip Hop. The rapper has been able to set a name for himself both in the SA Hip Hop industry and the fashion industry.

Riky recently had a Pop Up store in Braam which was packed with the young kids who came to support the rapper. The rapper went through the crowd and spoke explaining why he is into the Fashion Industry and pushing his brand the way he is saying it’s to inspire the kids.

“Every time we do something and the kids come through, it’s just to inspire the lighties the lighties have to understand that they can do this sh*t. We ain’t got no budgets, I don’t have a million dollars dawg, If I had a million dollars I would have been doing big sh*t,” said Riky Rick.

The rapper went on to clarify that people actually think he has a million dollars but does not have a million dollars speaking to Zkhiphani.

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