Fans React To Cassper Seeming To Take Jabs At AKA

The longstanding beef between AKA and Cassper would seem like to some it has been exhausted over the years.

Recent events have been proving otherwise with the type of responses that the two rappers subs to each other on twitter have been getting from the SA Hip Hop fans.

“I told my dawg Tlee and he admitted only after like a year or so. That ghost writing thing was very very hectic. There’s catchy songs and what not and then there are lines that will haunt you 3 years later and you end up buying watches and shit for “No reason”,” tweeted Cassper and this had a lot of fans thinking they were shots sent towards AKA.

A lot of AKA’s fans responded to the tweet making fun off Cassper Nyovest quoting Composure. This had a lot of Cassper’s fans come to the rapper’s support and began a rather intense brawl between the fans on twitter. ”

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