Ann Malinga talks raising kids to shun society’s pressures

Recently in the world of SA music. Ever since Robbie Malinga Snr. passed on, Robbie and Ann Malinga’s son, Robbie Jnr has faced serious backlash over the past few weeks for taking over his dad’s Instagram page, but his mom isn’t disturbed.

Robbie Jnr got fans talking following the sudden posting of his pictures and videos on his deceased father’s Instagram page.

The 17-year-old’s flashy and extravagant lifestyle which has left many green with envy shows him sharing pictures and visuals on designer clothes, watches and flashy cars on his father’s social media accounts.

While his mum, Ann Malinga refused to comment on the controversies trailing her kid, her latest post on Instagram definitely speaks volumes about her opinions on raising children to become who they want to be irrespective of societal opinions or pressure.

Ann shared a motivational quote about letting daughters know that it is okay if people/everyone don’t like them. She said that this message was also suitable for parents with sons.

“Not only Daughters Sons too. Love them so much that they don’t feel the need for society’s approval of who they truly are.”

She also added:

“Don’t raise children that feel the need to please society to fit in or try hard to be liked, raise Confident and God fearing children, and NOT Society fearing low self-esteem children.”

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